What Is SEO Checklist

SEO Checklist is a list of all activities which is planned in before you start doing SEO for website. SEO activities involve many platforms and actions. It is important to do SEO checklist to make sure you don’t miss out any of them. It’s a good habit to tick off every single item as you move along the list of SEO activities. In good practice, it will also make it easier for you to update your client when you perform the checklist. You can use this to form a report to show your client what you have done for him. So, what are the list of activities to start with? Here are some of the SEO checklist which you can take note of.

SEO Checklist Items

Here are a list of SEO activities that form the SEO checklist.

  • Create Webmaster Account
  • Install Google Analytic
  • Website Keywords Analysis
  • Page Content Optimization
  • Page Speed
  • Image Alt Text
  • Off Page Optimization List

These can be a very long list but I will highlight some of the essential ones which will make a significant impact for SEO. SEO checklist can differ from each site as there are priority for SEO for every individual site. We have to first look into the profile of the website we are doing SEO for. If we see a problem that we need to address immediately, that should be the number 1 priority.

I will now go briefly into all of these SEO activities in the SEO checklist.

Search engine optimization


Create Webmaster Account

First of all, we want to monitor the website and check for any error. No point doing SEO when your website is not being index or there is crawl errors. We will try to take a look at what Google sees in your website. Test that the sitemap is readable and there is no problem with the robot.txt. We can find lots of useful information in the Google Webmaster account as we go along with our SEO activities. Sometimes, when we realised the backlinks that are unwanted, we can do a Google disavow to request Google not to index the links from a particular website or a list of domains.

Install Google Analytics

Having Google Analytics account will help you see what kind of traffic is coming in from the search engines. You can see what kind of visitors from which country and what devices they used. These give you a good idea what is your traffic profile. Very useful when you are planning who to target. If most of your traffic is from mobile, you need to ensure that your website is design to have optimal mobile user experience. You may even design a mobile design that is different from your desktop design to serve the different web audience.

Website Keywords Analysis

Website keywords analysis is one of the most important step before all SEO activities. This form the top most priority in our SEO checklist. You need to have a well defined list of keywords which you would like to target for your website. These keywords will be assigned to individual pages. Content for the website should be written to emphasize these keywords. Having a clear idea what keywords will give your website the most benefit and set what will be the primary keywords, secondary keywords and related keywords.

From there you can do key phrase targeting in your content and internal linking to bring importance of your content to different pages. This way, your content is referenced to many pages within your website. This shows that your website is well referenced and is very rich in content. Remember that content is always “King” when you want to do search engine. That is why, you should always invest lots of your effort in content creation. Do you try to use spun content as the quality is never as good when compared with article written by experience SEO writer. So, keywords analysis forms the foundation of your website content, which is why this should be done first.

Page Content Optimization

Just now we spoke about Keywords Analysis and forming a list of keywords for use in the website. Page Content optimization is about the structure of the content within the page. You should have correct header like H1, H2 and H3. H1 should have the main keywords which you would like to rank and H2 will have secondary keyword and then H3 can be related keyphrase and so forth. You should use anchor text to internal link to other pages which has good content reference. This way, your content will be very resourceful and able to refer good quality content in your website or outside of your website. The link that goes out of your website is refer to as “External Link” This external link should be referenced to a high authority site that is rich in content and has quality information to support what you are trying to say.

Page Speed

If your page speed is slow, you will be penalised by Google for being slow. You can check the speed of your website from a few sites. Google PageSpeed Insights does not give you the actual speed but will give you the reason why your site is slow. Therefore, you can use this as a guide on how you can optimize the speed of your website. For page load speed, you can use Pingdom Website Speed Test.  This will give you more information on website loading speed. Moreover, you can also see which part of your website is loading slower. However, this site will not tell you what you can optimize or provide the optimized files for replacement like Google PageSpeed Insights does.

Image Alt Text

All images mean nothing to the search engines if there is no image alt text on it. Every images has this alternative text area where you can enter a few words to describe this image. You should enter a keyword or a related keyword or key phrase to describe this image. Search engine will pick it up and know what this image is related to.

Meta Description

As your web page get indexed, people starts to see your website link displayed on the search result. This website link will contain the Title of your page and a short description. Meta description means the title and description which will be displayed on the search result page. In WordPress site, you can specify the title and description with plugin like Yoast SEO. Yoast SEO lets you put in what you like the search result will show. You can enter the title and meta description which will encourage people to click. Even when you are on the 1st page, it may not guarantee that people will click on your website. You need to convince them to with compelling description set on the title and description. Therefore, meta description though not a ranking factor, it helps with click through possibility.

Off Page Optimization List

Off page optimization contains a series of activities to improve popularity of your website. These activities not only increase your website presence online, it helps with ranking. What I have mentioned earlier are mostly what we called on page optimization, which involve checking that your website is really set well. This is the most important part because if the website is not optimize, your effort in this off page optimization will not gain the optimal result. Off page optimization involve activities like guest posting, article submission to article sites, social bookmarking, directories listing, Google business listing, social signals and traffic. There are so much to cover on this which I will cover it in another article.

Conclusion On SEO Checklist

You really need to set a list of activities for each website. It will help you track your progress and also help you to do your report to your client. Even to yourself if you are doing SEO yourself.

I hope this article helps you. If you have any question, you can leave your commend below.


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