Get Free SEO Audit for your business if you have not done so already. If getting your website found online is important this should be done before even thinking about doing any online marketing. Even if having online presence is not important now, you should start thinking about it again. The reason is very simply because people are using smart phone these days. If you take a look around or take a look at your competitors, they have some form of online marketing done. The best has their website found on the 1st page of search engine result page for the most popular keywords. They are benefiting from the search engine and getting lots of new customers everyday.

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Why is SEO Audit Important

SEO audit give you the facts about your website. It is the most important information about where you are and how your website can improve from here. An SEO consultant will take this audit and advise you the course of action to optimize your website. If you have done bad SEO in the past by poor SEO specialist, it can be noticed through the backlink profile. That is why, SEO audit is important. We can take action against bad SEO and see the lacking area where SEO activities can be planned to enhance search engine presence.

What Makes A Good SEO Audit

A good SEO audit include report on your website. It tells how well your on-site SEO was done and what areas in your website requires immediate improvement. Some of these include meta description check, H1.H2, check, if you have image alt text, your keywords profile and keywords density. Other things like anchor text profile, page speed and SEO url will also be checked. Once the on-site analysis is done, SEO specialist will take a look at your off-page optimization. Here, the history of your website backlink profiles and other check to see if your website is under any Google penalty will be made.

If there is anything not right, immediate action has to be done. Such as bad link profile or over optimization of anchor text and so forth. If required, a disavow should be made to request search engine not to index some bad links to your website. This can be done through the webmaster disavow tool. What it does is requesting Google to disregard the links from the website that we do not want to be associated with. As anyone can send backlink to your website, you never know anyone can be doing an SEO attack on your site. Therefore, a constant monitoring is still required.

Occasional Audit to Check Progress

From time to time, after some SEO services done, you should do an audit again to check for improvement. This not only help you see any progress made on your site optimization, it also help you see that no bad SEO is done. Even though SEO audit plays an important role, the most part of the search engine optimization are done through a series of activities. It is best to keep a checklist to mark off when doing SEO to make sure all areas are covered.

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