What is SEO Article Writing

SEO article writing is extremely different from normal web page writing, write-up writing, tale writing as well as information writing. When I initially understood my inherent ability for creating things as well as placing ideas right into words, I was still reviewing Mills as well as Boons, as well as it was throughout this moment that my love storybooks were seized by my class instructor due to the fact that I read in course.

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Composing is an extremely individual thing, I uncovered. Some individuals have the ability for composing innovative things. Some individuals have the ability for composing advertisement copies. Some compose outstanding and accurate things. Well, I come under the valid things group. The boring-writing-technical-mambo-jumbo creating things. Just how I suit this group, I aren’t sure.

Well, SEO article writing is significantly like that. You determine just what subject or key words that you desire. You’re offering attractive lights? in the SEO article writing procedure, note down ornamental’ as well as ‘lights’. Assume concerning various other words that associates to ‘attractive’ and also ‘lights’… words that individuals utilize all the time to define them. Due to the fact that these are usual words that your prospective website visitors will certainly utilize to discover you, this is an extremely crucial component of SEO article writing. Just how around ‘light’, ‘brilliant’, ‘quite’, ‘illumination’?

Ok, currently your SEO article writing keyword phrases are:- ornamental, lights, light, brilliant, quite as well as lights? On to the SEO article writing procedure. You create every little thing that you require to create down. Intensify the write-up. As a basic guideline, SEO posts must be no much less compared to 300 words and also no greater than 500 words. Anymore compared to that, you’re squandering your composing a unique for your SEO short article. Check out the SEO write-up currently and also change words and also rephrase sentences to suit those search phrases. Yes, you’ll need to reorganize some the SEO key phrases occasionally, however do it anyhow.

Ensure the sentences make good sense, ok? Your website visitors will see the copy error although the search engines will not understand poor grammar from great grammar. And also the majority of them, website visitors that see your web site based upon those SEO key phrases DO mind the poor grammar. As soon as you drive them away, it’s nearly difficult to bring them back!

The last action to SEO article writing is … check your SEO post and also make certain they move. The trouble with SEO writing is that your ideas may be available in pails … a sprinkle right here and there. Throughout the SEO write-up checking procedure, you’ll have to make certain one paragraph moves on to the following.

Get Free SEO Audit for your business if you have not done so already. If getting your website found online is important this should be done before even thinking about doing any online marketing. Even if having online presence is not important now, you should start thinking about it again. The reason is very simply because people are using smart phone these days. If you take a look around or take a look at your competitors, they have some form of online marketing done. The best has their website found on the 1st page of search engine result page for the most popular keywords. They are benefiting from the search engine and getting lots of new customers everyday.

seo checklist

Why is SEO Audit Important

SEO audit give you the facts about your website. It is the most important information about where you are and how your website can improve from here. An SEO consultant will take this audit and advise you the course of action to optimize your website. If you have done bad SEO in the past by poor SEO specialist, it can be noticed through the backlink profile. That is why, SEO audit is important. We can take action against bad SEO and see the lacking area where SEO activities can be planned to enhance search engine presence.

What Makes A Good SEO Audit

A good SEO audit include report on your website. It tells how well your on-site SEO was done and what areas in your website requires immediate improvement. Some of these include meta description check, H1.H2, check, if you have image alt text, your keywords profile and keywords density. Other things like anchor text profile, page speed and SEO url will also be checked. Once the on-site analysis is done, SEO specialist will take a look at your off-page optimization. Here, the history of your website backlink profiles and other check to see if your website is under any Google penalty will be made.

If there is anything not right, immediate action has to be done. Such as bad link profile or over optimization of anchor text and so forth. If required, a disavow should be made to request search engine not to index some bad links to your website. This can be done through the webmaster disavow tool. What it does is requesting Google to disregard the links from the website that we do not want to be associated with. As anyone can send backlink to your website, you never know anyone can be doing an SEO attack on your site. Therefore, a constant monitoring is still required.

Occasional Audit to Check Progress

From time to time, after some SEO services done, you should do an audit again to check for improvement. This not only help you see any progress made on your site optimization, it also help you see that no bad SEO is done. Even though SEO audit plays an important role, the most part of the search engine optimization are done through a series of activities. It is best to keep a checklist to mark off when doing SEO to make sure all areas are covered.

Understanding Google Analytics

Before you start using Google Analytics, look at what benefit it can mean to your business.

We all know Google dominates the search engine. All information collected by Google is being analysed and it creates a profile of the visitors that visited your website.

It is by far the most reliable source for traffic that we recommend our clients to use. You just need to implement a code after you have created a Google Analytics account.

In this article, we will cover the following to give you a good understanding about Google Analytics.

  • Implementation of Google Analytics Codes to your website
  • Setting Custom Tracking in Google Analytics
  • Reading the report in Google Analytics

Implementation of Google Analytics Code To Your Website

To get started, you need to create a Google Analytics Account to setup the code for your website. After you have created an account there, you can setup a website in there.

Once you have setup the website, it will show you a code which you can implement into your website.

create google analytics account

Once you have gotten the tracking code, you should implement it to the website immediately. This is because, once you exit the page you may not be able to find it again easily even though it is in the admin area. Some people asked after sometime, where is the code until to realised that its somewhere in the many selection that you can click before you can find it. Otherwise you can copy the code somewhere you remember and implement it when you are free.

google analytics tracking codes

Where should you implement the Google Analytics Code?

If you are using WordPress, you may be using theme that is already with an area where you can implement the code. It is usually found in the theme option setting page.

Copy and paste it in there. This way, it will track the entire website. Otherwise, you can find some plugin, which you can set code for header and footer. Using this kind of plugin, you can implement the code even on per page basis. This is useful, if you only want to track specific page in the website. The plugin of this sort, can also help you apply the code to all pages too. One of this kind of plugin I used is known as Embed Code I find it quite easy to use and quite flexible for me to implement code on any pages.

Setting Custom Tracking in Google Analytics

You can set custom tracking request within the admin area. This will help you see what you really like to see in your report. For example, you like to track demographics and interest to those that have engaged with your advertising campaign. With this custom tracking code, you can enhance your advertising campaign in google search. This is very important for search engine marketing.

Demographics and Interest Reports

Reading the Google Analytics Report

This report depending on what you have set up to track, will give you a lot of information to help you improve your reach to your target audience.

Some of the basic information which the analytics include are location, age, interest, language, what devices (desktop or mobile phone and what type of phone) and browsers used. You can also see what pages in your website are most frequently viewed. What is the bounced rate like so you can improve on the page to interest viewer. Bounce rate is bad for website ranking score, as it mean that your content is not interesting to viewer. With all the data collected, you will have a very good understanding of your website and its search performance. Lots of marketers uses information from here to improve the marketing campaigns and content of website.

In recent time, there has been some improvement from the Google Analytics to include some reporting which is still in beta testing. This 2 are “Lifetime Value” and “Cohort Analysis”

Lifetime value lets you understand how valuable different users are to your business based on lifetime performance.

Cohort Analysis “Examine the behavior and performance of groups of users related by common attributes”

With this and good Search engine optimization, you can increase your chance of better ranking in the search results.

google analytics beta function

In conclusion, I believe more information will be available as Google continues to improve the analytical report for websites. I think that all site owner should have this to measure the traffic and understand your traffic audience better. Having good knowledge of the audience will help you improve your website conversion rate. Lastly, I wish all of you the very best in your online business.