A recognized principal of getting achievement of online business is definitely web content marketing. Persuasion via web content marketing has the most significant effect to target audience. Compared to other kinds of marketing on the net, this method accounts for providing the target market all the vital information regarding your business. All the questions and necessities that the audience needs will be addressed through an excellent content marketing.

But what helps make content marketing worthwhile? The response to this would be applying the appropriate keywords. This is an extremely important factor that online businesses would hire out expert keyword specialists to achieve their edge. It is the keyword which will help establish you visibility online and may be done through enhancing your content. When your content is written in SEO level it has the ability to get known wherever you will post it. Nowadays, Google is not the only location where you will be fed with information. social networks like the Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube tube has also been supplying valuable info to internet users.

Keyword takes on a very vital role for your content marketing to become rank in the top search portal. It accounts for bringing your website to a higher platform. The keywords will pull you site as much as all search portal or wherever you would like to post your content. The reason for this is that it is the keyword or keywords that are noticed by search engines as the primary essence of the content. Every internet users will use keyword to browse for something. Thus, there is a great need to decide on the ideal keyword for a content marketing.

To know the appropriate keywords then, and using it rightly, is a must for each website or an organisation website. You just can’t select any wording that come into your mind. Identifying the right keyword is very crucial. The keyword must be relevant and have a greater impact compared with other keyword. There are tools that will help you find some of the most appropriate keyword for your content. Do not take too lightly these tools because it has proven to accomplish a great deal of wonders. The failure to select the right keyword is just a total waste of your time and energy. You will just turn out wasting your time writing a ton of content where nobody notices that it exist.

Choosing some of the most appropriate keyword will ensure excellent SEO ranking. Do not underestimate the keyword tool provider. This tool has been validated before and will still want to prove its value to other content marketing. One of the most suitable tools it the one that can provide you with various kinds of keyword phrase recommendations. The outcomes of the keyword research tool have focus on synonyms which you can use for your keyword. Make the most of this privilege and have the capacity to build more keywords. The titles must include the keyword as well. It is necessary keep in mind that the primary keyword must be appropriately position at the first sentence of the first paragraph. The other synonyms may be position in the different area that is within the body of the content.

Now, what about keyword density? It is necessary to bear in mind that in making web content for your marketing campaign is to maintain the best keyword density. The density of the keyword all around the content must go to the minimum of 0.5% and the highest is 2%. This standard must be followed strictly. Any content with lowest keyword density is considered powerless; while a content that is flooded with keyword is also considered spam by internet search engine. In totality, making a content marketing is not an easy undertaking. It needs a great deal of effort and dedication if you want to make things to the top.

Localized searches on search engines are ending up being a growing number within the local SEO community. Consumers are choosing to use Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, and the rest over their standard newspaper or Yellow Pages. It takes too much effort and time nowadays to open the Paper directory site and search and search alphabetically for business you want to discover.

Finding Businesses Near You

Some users adhere to online yellow pages and search for a topic of interest. A lot of searchers may not be seeking a company however info. When they browse online they may come up discovering local SEO content within a page filled with details that they are looking for and end up using or contacting the business since it is where they located their important location SEO details.

Out comes the search engine philosophy of Localized Area SEO. A prospective consumer opens his/her favorite search engine and types in their city, state county or zip and the business type or information they are looking for. Based on this it is very important to see how a company must be optimized for their regional SEO location. If they are not listed in the search engines on the very first page and are not marketed for their Neighborhood, Area, City, or state there is little or no chance of them being discovered by a searcher online. No matter business type model it has actually ended up being needed to be found online when someone is browsing.

Local search

Localized Search

There are likewise at least 2 kinds of possible searches and results being discovered online nowadays. The consumer is either looking for a localized search based upon area or a general search based upon web search. In an area seo viewpoint both of these are similarly essential. For customers looking for companies online Localized search becomes important to be listed with directories for regional companies. When a consumer searches for information based on an area seo search web search localization ends up being the crucial target. When clients for example in Palm Coast Florida look for to find a local Seo expert so they can meet and communicate their desires personally, they would enter Palm Coast SEO. The very same undoubtedly applies to all residents in the neighboring area such as Daytona SEO. Considering that geographically these areas Palm Coast and Daytona are relatively close, a marketing professional would decided to target both of them similarly. A localized customer in search of a seo company would not type Florida SEO and the market is too basic and would include results they would not be interested in.

For an SEO expert although it may be a nationwide market that they make every effort to achieve it is equally important to be noted in their localized search so that prospective local consumers will have the ability to find their items and know they are in your area noted.

In part two of Local Area SEO we will go over the importance of understanding the customers target audience to accomplish finest outcomes for Area SEO.

Obviously if I speak about affordable or inexpensive SEO I do not imply inexpensive in a sense of $100 a task however, depending a bit on the work included of course, I would state about 40%/ 50% off the basic market rates. That’s exactly what I call available and budget-friendly to a lot of home based business owners. The SEO expert will have to “scan” your site as to exactly what is there and exactly what is still missing out on SEO essentially.

Comprehensive SEO Services

SEO specialists utilize advanced software application that “scan” all that information. After that they will advise you about how to get a much better content, will provide you with a list of excellent keywords, will recommend you how to reorganize your website; all important actions to enhance the website for search engines optimization and Page rank.

Like the law of supply and need, when expertly done SEO is growing in significance, the rate quoted for business for a great SEO task will increase too. Software that create a lot of the website analysis to be done prior to the SEO can be carried out which conserves a lot of time.

Either there is business that charge huge amount for a great SEO task at one hand and there are the “inexpensive” fraud artists at the other. How much time will a normal SEO cost? Well the depends the size of the job of course however mind that SEO is a marathon and not a sprint. If your website’s present page rank is no 10, an excellent SEO task might get it to 3 in 2 months and to 5 in 4/6 months, that’s also depend on the content of the site.

Most of the work for the SEO specialist are done in the beginning. Are you thinking about having some affordable SEO done on your site? You may want to consider a good SEO Service provider. This article is brought to you by Amazing Web Services, a Singapore digital marketing agency that specializes in web development and SEO services.

What is SEO Article Writing

SEO article writing is extremely different from normal web page writing, write-up writing, tale writing as well as information writing. When I initially understood my inherent ability for creating things as well as placing ideas right into words, I was still reviewing Mills as well as Boons, as well as it was throughout this moment that my love storybooks were seized by my class instructor due to the fact that I read in course.

Website Article
Composing is an extremely individual thing, I uncovered. Some individuals have the ability for composing innovative things. Some individuals have the ability for composing advertisement copies. Some compose outstanding and accurate things. Well, I come under the valid things group. The boring-writing-technical-mambo-jumbo creating things. Just how I suit this group, I aren’t sure.

Well, SEO article writing is significantly like that. You determine just what subject or key words that you desire. You’re offering attractive lights? in the SEO article writing procedure, note down ornamental’ as well as ‘lights’. Assume concerning various other words that associates to ‘attractive’ and also ‘lights’… words that individuals utilize all the time to define them. Due to the fact that these are usual words that your prospective website visitors will certainly utilize to discover you, this is an extremely crucial component of SEO article writing. Just how around ‘light’, ‘brilliant’, ‘quite’, ‘illumination’?

Ok, currently your SEO article writing keyword phrases are:- ornamental, lights, light, brilliant, quite as well as lights? On to the SEO article writing procedure. You create every little thing that you require to create down. Intensify the write-up. As a basic guideline, SEO posts must be no much less compared to 300 words and also no greater than 500 words. Anymore compared to that, you’re squandering your composing a unique for your SEO short article. Check out the SEO write-up currently and also change words and also rephrase sentences to suit those search phrases. Yes, you’ll need to reorganize some the SEO key phrases occasionally, however do it anyhow.

Ensure the sentences make good sense, ok? Your website visitors will see the copy error although the search engines will not understand poor grammar from great grammar. And also the majority of them, website visitors that see your web site based upon those SEO key phrases DO mind the poor grammar. As soon as you drive them away, it’s nearly difficult to bring them back!

The last action to SEO article writing is … check your SEO post and also make certain they move. The trouble with SEO writing is that your ideas may be available in pails … a sprinkle right here and there. Throughout the SEO write-up checking procedure, you’ll have to make certain one paragraph moves on to the following.

Get Free SEO Audit for your business if you have not done so already. If getting your website found online is important this should be done before even thinking about doing any online marketing. Even if having online presence is not important now, you should start thinking about it again. The reason is very simply because people are using smart phone these days. If you take a look around or take a look at your competitors, they have some form of online marketing done. The best has their website found on the 1st page of search engine result page for the most popular keywords. They are benefiting from the search engine and getting lots of new customers everyday.

seo checklist

Why is SEO Audit Important

SEO audit give you the facts about your website. It is the most important information about where you are and how your website can improve from here. An SEO consultant will take this audit and advise you the course of action to optimize your website. If you have done bad SEO in the past by poor SEO specialist, it can be noticed through the backlink profile. That is why, SEO audit is important. We can take action against bad SEO and see the lacking area where SEO activities can be planned to enhance search engine presence.

What Makes A Good SEO Audit

A good SEO audit include report on your website. It tells how well your on-site SEO was done and what areas in your website requires immediate improvement. Some of these include meta description check, H1.H2, check, if you have image alt text, your keywords profile and keywords density. Other things like anchor text profile, page speed and SEO url will also be checked. Once the on-site analysis is done, SEO specialist will take a look at your off-page optimization. Here, the history of your website backlink profiles and other check to see if your website is under any Google penalty will be made.

If there is anything not right, immediate action has to be done. Such as bad link profile or over optimization of anchor text and so forth. If required, a disavow should be made to request search engine not to index some bad links to your website. This can be done through the webmaster disavow tool. What it does is requesting Google to disregard the links from the website that we do not want to be associated with. As anyone can send backlink to your website, you never know anyone can be doing an SEO attack on your site. Therefore, a constant monitoring is still required.

Occasional Audit to Check Progress

From time to time, after some SEO services done, you should do an audit again to check for improvement. This not only help you see any progress made on your site optimization, it also help you see that no bad SEO is done. Even though SEO audit plays an important role, the most part of the search engine optimization are done through a series of activities. It is best to keep a checklist to mark off when doing SEO to make sure all areas are covered.

SEO For Local Business

Local business is becoming more informed about how SEO can help them. This is also what Google is trying to achieve, by serving more result of businesses nearby. This is provided that these local business has a website and also a business profile registered with Google My Business. This is probably one of the 1st item on the list of a local SEO. SEO specialist doing search engine optimization for a local business should bear in mind the difference between SEO service for an international site and one that is only targeting a local or national level.

Website Information For A Local Business

For a website to be well optimized for local search, it should contain well written content with keywords and schema that is geo targeting the area you are focusing. Name of the district and area should be part of the keyword. For example, if you are a law firm targeting the potential customers in New York City, then your content should be New York City Lawyer or Lawyer in New York. Schema also help share information about your business to Google and where you are located. With web master account, you can set where your search will be targeting. This can be done by setting the country and area where you want your website to be targeting.

Business Directories

Local citation from business directories like Yellow Pages is a good place to share your business. With the backlink from web directories that is of good standing, will pass on local search result to your website. Submit to as many local directories as possible for a good backlink profile and also for local search engine result. Chances are, people who are searching for the service online will find you. Many said that directories are so full of listings that it is hard to be found. Nevertheless, it is better there than not as every single platform that you are in, will increase your chance of being found. At the very least you have good backlink to enhance your website ranking. Some are paid directories whereas some you can get for free. There are lots of free local directories that can benefit you. So go search online and you will probably find some.

Web Search

Get a Local Domain For SEO

If you get a domain that is country focus, like .sg for Singapore, .my for Malaysia or .UK for United Kingdom you are narrowing your focus to a specific region. Google places more favor to these domains for local search result over those that are of international domain. These domains are usually more expensive but is a good investment for your business. Some country domain are difficult to get as they are only for local citizen or registered company in that country. If you are able to get one that target the location where your business is, that will help you with your SEO.

Backlinks from Local Sites

If you can find some high quality blogs that is from your location, try to get your post published there. The backlinks from these high quality blog in guest post style, will enhance your website off-site optimization. As you get more of these guest post published and back-linked to your site, you will increase in your chance of getting found on search engine result page.

SEO Agency Service or DIY SEO

Whether you are hiring an SEO Agency or doing SEO yourself, a great Search Engine Optimization will certainly increase the ranking of your website when all is promised and also done. It is very important to make certain that you are making the right choices in your online marketing as this could well be the lifeline of your company. This can be an absolutely reliable method to advertise your service as well as create sales leads.

seo agencyDesigned by Freepik

While the benefits and negative aspects of enhancing your very own website exist, using an SEO agency will benefit your business far more than if you are doing the SEO yourself. Even though you desire to see good result, you have really little time to work on your business if done in-house. Therefore, with an SEO agency is the only way to go. You can however, do some checks and additional improvement when you have some free time. My only idea on this is that you would not work with a plumbing professional to take care of a trouble with your automobile.

Now, lets take a look at the 2 options in more details. Below are some benefits of doing SEO in-house versus hiring a SEO agency.

Doing SEO In-house

Benefits: You have full control. You could alter points instantaneously. You will certainly learn more about the way internet works on your website as well as discover more regarding the Internet. Moreover, you will learn how online search engine function.

Employing an SEO Agency

Benefits: You do not need to make use of internal resources and staff or change the emphasis of your service. Working with a specialized SEO agency will certainly indicate you have immediate accessibility to professionals in the area that have a wide range of understanding and also resources. An SEO agency will certainly know what’s best without you needing to learn everything to be the expert level they are now. The Online Marketing Company will certainly be your finest companion in functioning in the direction of achieving your digital marketing goals.

Qualities of SEO agency You Should Look For

A reputable and also good SEO agency will certainly have an excellent online reputation and also a solid visibility within the Online Marketing sector. When you begin, I would recommend looking up in Google for “Online Marketing” or “SEO” within your country or area. Consider the prospective SEO agency’s websites, their profiles as well as take some notes. If you could organize a discussion at their workplace and also in individual to go over information and also collect even more info, provide them a telephone call as well as meetings.

Review your circumstance as well as just how you could best attain your objectives. Keep in mind of their expert nature, their background, what they can do to achieve your goals. In addition, make certain that you enjoy working with the individual and also the expert connection you have with the business reps as this will certainly be a long term partnership.

Downsides Of DIY Search Engine Optimization:

The downsides is you may have to spend more money and wait a certain period of time before seeing result. Furthermore, you will certainly have to have an intimate knowledge of your website, exactly how it functions, HTML as well as potentially any kind of scripting languages that the internet site makes use of, like PHP. You will certainly require to acquire some industrial devices to make use of, like Majestics, Ahrefs and also KW Ranker. KW Ranker permits you to properly study Keywords, Majestics permits you to track your websites placing in the search results page for offered keyword expressions and also help you to track all connect to your internet site. Investing in these 3 required items of software application will certainly cost you around USD$ 600.

You will certainly require to have a whole lot of time to check out concerning SEO, take on the internet training courses, like StomperNet, pay attention to podcasts, like Mr SEO podcast as well as check out as much SEO product as you perhaps can. For the StomperNet training course you are checking out regarding USD$ 3000 as well as assorted of publications is most likely to add to one more USD$ 1000. Overall for In-house DIY, about USD$ 1500 to USD$ 4900. When and also exactly what to transform, not being experienced enough to understand. Unknowning ways to connect develop successfully.

It is important to have enough time to examine and analyse your website in order to make improvement – approximated at around 200 hrs of research study, assessing as well as finding out. As SEO takes some time to see any type of lead to the internet search engine it is necessary to not just find out and reach an understanding how to execute SEO. On top of all that, you have to take up your own time to tweak, evaluate and make continuous changes to the website. Perhaps you have to do 10 fixed on web pages that has problem. This can easily take up 2 days of more. You have to take many hours creating backlinks, get permission to guest post on other blogs and do submission to social media pages.

Internet search engine Optimization (SEO) is very much a buzz expression. Usually firms seeking to find out more regarding just what SEO is all about, are frustrated at just how this brand-new area of advertising and marketing could get them apart. Nevertheless, this can certainly set you apart from your competition when you are ranking well against your competitor. The issue a company needs to evaluate is whether they ought to utilize a professional SEO agency or make use of existing sources within their particular IT Departments or Do It Yourself. This write-up discovers the benefits as well as downsides of each.

Conclusion: Using an Expert SEO agency will certainly cost you money. It is essential to understand that despite the fact that you have actually worked with a company to execute your Search Engine Optimization you will certainly still should operate in appointment with them in order to market your site online appropriately – describing your web marketing objectives, goals, spending time to plan and also target dates to achieve ranking. Do your study, take a look at the SEO Firm and also its profile, study as well as background of successes, guarantee it is a trusted company as well as do not be frightened to ask concerns.

Another method on ways to raise web traffic in your internet site is with making use of web link building approach. Bear in mind, SEO services goal at raising your website’s traffic or site visitors hence allow your site to be easily accessible whenever feasible. SEO services establish that this method can either be paid link or complimentary link. The paid web links are normally related to the membership for signing up with a specific directories or websites which offers affiliation. The internet sites under these directory sites are normally upper-level websites that make revenue by accepting links. They enable newer sites to be related to them yet need payment in return. These websites generally have a location within their site where web links are linked interchangeably.

SEO Services Techniques

Just what are all these SEO services techniques mean? Mostly, the more insightful your website is the more and constant the visits that you will certainly receive from thousands and numerous online users worldwide. You’ll get all the assistance you require in optimizing your site’s contents with beneficial support of the SEO services suppliers. Exactly what do these carriers do in fact? For one, making the keywords much more effective, SEO services look for the key words that belong to your products. When looking for your items with the search engines, you can likewise use the key words that individuals frequently utilize.

On the other hand, various other websites in fact permit complimentary web links, as long as the website proprietors supply an exchange links to their site or they have to share the totally free web links with other sellers as well. There are other websites that additionally use free links but the exposure of the link is not normally that lengthy contrasted with the paid websites. These sites are at the same time paced with other websites that wish to be connected as well. This interlinking technique is one of the very best Internet Marketing promotion and also strategy of the SEO companies.

You may have found out about SEO services and just how web business owners are using them to market their sites. Almost every site that offers solutions and has products to use requires SEO services. These sites require visitors to advertise their products and to continually enhance their profits as well as sales. Because of these reasons, virtually all web site owners are now using and also functioning with the SEO companies to achieve that priceless very first page ranking. Web site proprietors are coming to be a lot more knowledgeable about the advantages of the SEO services to their clients.

SEO services has to be continual as well as used on an ongoing process in order to maintain the rank of your site.

Link Building for SEO

SEO services providers have this natural search engine optimization. This is the certain yet sluggish method for websites. Since it involves web link building which is an extremely time consuming job, it is slow. It is the most effective strategy among the three. This functions by accomplishing a good rank from the online search engine and from that ranking, you will slowly relocate upwards. The website is boosted as well as enhanced by the SEO services requested to be able to achieve a ranking in the internet search engine. From its preliminary ranking, it will slowly acquire web traffic and will gradually raise in rank over time. This might take a very long time compared with the formerly pointed out techniques however it will certainly last longer also. To welcome website traffic, your site should be attractive as well as filled up with information needed by your target market. It is important to consider the information written on it due to the fact that it will aid in the position of your website in the future.

Through search engine optimization also referred to as SEO services an internet site is boosted as well as improved in order to achieve its complete feature and also higher internet search engine positions. There are numerous SEO services that a SEO company can supply to its customers. These solutions consists of analyzing the customer’s internet site, assessing the competitor’s website, dealing with the improvement of the customer’s site, and constant maintenance of the website to maintain its position in the online search engine.

Search Engine Marketing

There are several ways on exactly how the SEO services aid in rise the traffic of a website. These are through the Internet marketing methods like the pay-per-click, link structure and also natural seo (SEO). The pay-per-click strategy is the process of buying space on the online where ads are shown and the advertiser pays for website traffic on a pay each efficiency. Even more, the much better the key words that you make use of with respect to your products, the more chances that your website will be gone to. If your items are items fashion jewelry, with the use of SEO services techniques, you can utilize key phrases research study and go for prominent key phrases like reduced valued diamonds, pure gold precious jewelry or even wedding celebration rings and involvement rings in order for your website to be found initially during the search. On one hand, if your items relate to travel, you can use keywords such as team plan or less expensive seasonal rates and so on. SEO providers would give you reasons that you have to utilize these well investigated key words that have to be well written in the contents of the site.

When they assess your website, SEO services start. This is where the SEO providers learn every part of your site. They study its existing Public Relations ranking, rivals, incoming web links and most and website’s material. They likewise find the circulation of the audience most likely to your site. If and also when these factors are correctly implemented they will certainly result in greater positions and also even more website traffic. These are the reasons that SEO services are required, to be able to create website traffic and enhance income and also lower line. The traffic is the life of a website. Remember, the much more site visitors that come and also visit your website, the higher possibilities to convert them right into a membership or a sale sign up. They could spread out the information to others with social networking which could function as a recommendation system.

What Is SEO Checklist

SEO Checklist is a list of all activities which is planned in before you start doing SEO for website. SEO activities involve many platforms and actions. It is important to do SEO checklist to make sure you don’t miss out any of them. It’s a good habit to tick off every single item as you move along the list of SEO activities. In good practice, it will also make it easier for you to update your client when you perform the checklist. You can use this to form a report to show your client what you have done for him. So, what are the list of activities to start with? Here are some of the SEO checklist which you can take note of.

SEO Checklist Items

Here are a list of SEO activities that form the SEO checklist.

  • Create Webmaster Account
  • Install Google Analytic
  • Website Keywords Analysis
  • Page Content Optimization
  • Page Speed
  • Image Alt Text
  • Off Page Optimization List

These can be a very long list but I will highlight some of the essential ones which will make a significant impact for SEO. SEO checklist can differ from each site as there are priority for SEO for every individual site. We have to first look into the profile of the website we are doing SEO for. If we see a problem that we need to address immediately, that should be the number 1 priority.

I will now go briefly into all of these SEO activities in the SEO checklist.

Search engine optimization


Create Webmaster Account

First of all, we want to monitor the website and check for any error. No point doing SEO when your website is not being index or there is crawl errors. We will try to take a look at what Google sees in your website. Test that the sitemap is readable and there is no problem with the robot.txt. We can find lots of useful information in the Google Webmaster account as we go along with our SEO activities. Sometimes, when we realised the backlinks that are unwanted, we can do a Google disavow to request Google not to index the links from a particular website or a list of domains.

Install Google Analytics

Having Google Analytics account will help you see what kind of traffic is coming in from the search engines. You can see what kind of visitors from which country and what devices they used. These give you a good idea what is your traffic profile. Very useful when you are planning who to target. If most of your traffic is from mobile, you need to ensure that your website is design to have optimal mobile user experience. You may even design a mobile design that is different from your desktop design to serve the different web audience.

Website Keywords Analysis

Website keywords analysis is one of the most important step before all SEO activities. This form the top most priority in our SEO checklist. You need to have a well defined list of keywords which you would like to target for your website. These keywords will be assigned to individual pages. Content for the website should be written to emphasize these keywords. Having a clear idea what keywords will give your website the most benefit and set what will be the primary keywords, secondary keywords and related keywords.

From there you can do key phrase targeting in your content and internal linking to bring importance of your content to different pages. This way, your content is referenced to many pages within your website. This shows that your website is well referenced and is very rich in content. Remember that content is always “King” when you want to do search engine. That is why, you should always invest lots of your effort in content creation. Do you try to use spun content as the quality is never as good when compared with article written by experience SEO writer. So, keywords analysis forms the foundation of your website content, which is why this should be done first.

Page Content Optimization

Just now we spoke about Keywords Analysis and forming a list of keywords for use in the website. Page Content optimization is about the structure of the content within the page. You should have correct header like H1, H2 and H3. H1 should have the main keywords which you would like to rank and H2 will have secondary keyword and then H3 can be related keyphrase and so forth. You should use anchor text to internal link to other pages which has good content reference. This way, your content will be very resourceful and able to refer good quality content in your website or outside of your website. The link that goes out of your website is refer to as “External Link” This external link should be referenced to a high authority site that is rich in content and has quality information to support what you are trying to say.

Page Speed

If your page speed is slow, you will be penalised by Google for being slow. You can check the speed of your website from a few sites. Google PageSpeed Insights does not give you the actual speed but will give you the reason why your site is slow. Therefore, you can use this as a guide on how you can optimize the speed of your website. For page load speed, you can use Pingdom Website Speed Test.  This will give you more information on website loading speed. Moreover, you can also see which part of your website is loading slower. However, this site will not tell you what you can optimize or provide the optimized files for replacement like Google PageSpeed Insights does.

Image Alt Text

All images mean nothing to the search engines if there is no image alt text on it. Every images has this alternative text area where you can enter a few words to describe this image. You should enter a keyword or a related keyword or key phrase to describe this image. Search engine will pick it up and know what this image is related to.

Meta Description

As your web page get indexed, people starts to see your website link displayed on the search result. This website link will contain the Title of your page and a short description. Meta description means the title and description which will be displayed on the search result page. In WordPress site, you can specify the title and description with plugin like Yoast SEO. Yoast SEO lets you put in what you like the search result will show. You can enter the title and meta description which will encourage people to click. Even when you are on the 1st page, it may not guarantee that people will click on your website. You need to convince them to with compelling description set on the title and description. Therefore, meta description though not a ranking factor, it helps with click through possibility.

Off Page Optimization List

Off page optimization contains a series of activities to improve popularity of your website. These activities not only increase your website presence online, it helps with ranking. What I have mentioned earlier are mostly what we called on page optimization, which involve checking that your website is really set well. This is the most important part because if the website is not optimize, your effort in this off page optimization will not gain the optimal result. Off page optimization involve activities like guest posting, article submission to article sites, social bookmarking, directories listing, Google business listing, social signals and traffic. There are so much to cover on this which I will cover it in another article.

Conclusion On SEO Checklist

You really need to set a list of activities for each website. It will help you track your progress and also help you to do your report to your client. Even to yourself if you are doing SEO yourself.

I hope this article helps you. If you have any question, you can leave your commend below.